Meet The Awesome Woman Who Cleans Up Trump’s Hollywood Star After Liberals Trash It

As Independence Day is upon us, hopefully, we’re all thinking about all the privileges that we enjoy here in the United States due to being born an American citizen. Privileges brought to because of things like our democratic process of election and a system of government that was never before perfected, but that was successfully implemented here.

Sadly, not everyone is as worried about that as they are getting back at a President that they don’t think should be in office. This childlike discretion comes out in even the pettiest ways, including defacing anything with the President’s name on it.One young American noticed that President Trump’s Hollywood star was defaced, she got a terrible backlash when she tried to clean it up.

You’d think that a public service like cleaning up the sidewalk wouldn’t make anyone angry, but apparently, if you’re doing it in support of a conservative even fixing graffiti is something worth attacking.

The point is not whether she likes President Trump or doesn’t; the point is that he was elected by a process that the Democrats are 100% behind when they want to redistrict in their favor, but hated when Hillary lost. He captains the ship for the content and discontent alike, and showing him respect is not only just good manners, if we could do it as a nation, it might allow him to actually do the job to the best of his abilities.

So whether you’re spending this 4th of July draped in flags and popping fireworks or you’re marching in protest against the injustices of the world, that is your right and decision to make because of the same system that elected this President.

Because of this incredible social experiment that we call our republic you can have your cake and eat it too; exercising your freedoms by criticizing your freedoms.