Meet Maxine Waters, The Dumbest Congresswoman In American History

Democratic Congresswoman, Maxine Waters, has made it abundantly clear that she has more than the average dose of democratic disdain for President Trump.  Waters has taken on the role of spokesperson for the Democrat Party since the November election, and hey, I’m OK with that if they are.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes invited Waters to come on his show and talk about the President and his cabinet.  She took the opportunity to basically slam every person she possibly could with unsubstantiated claims that they all had ties to Russia.

She rambled about lots of different people and then proceeded to call everyone in President Trump’s administration “a bunch of scumbags.”

Waters:“I just think the American people need to know what is going on. This is a bunch of scumbags. That’s what they are. They’re all organized around making money.”

I just hope her soft-spoken nature and desire to remain diplomatic doesn’t impede her ability to communicate her true feelings.

Wow, Maxine, why don’t you tell us what you really think? Unfortunately for Waters, “because I said so” isn’t a good enough reason to impeach a president.

Lest you think the above interview was an off day or an isolated incident, I’ll give you a little highlight reel of some other interviews that Waters has done, speaking about our Commander in Chief. Enjoy.

Now, to be fair, frank language and straightforward communication is something that we, as republicans, have always applauded in our own politicians.  If she were a republican, spouting right wing views, would we be saying that she “has backbone” and “isn’t afraid to stand up to the man”?

That’s a fair question and I’m glad you asked. Waters has over and over contradicted herself, confused herself and maliciously slandered other government officials, both domestic and abroad.  Not to mention, she just completely gets her facts wrong.

I’m not sure if her own frustration has overwhelmed her ability to articulate, or if she’s just been at this job far too long, but this is the kind of person who sits down way too close beside you on the subway, starts babbling and you have to try and inconspicuously slide away from them when they aren’t looking.  The only thing she’s missing is that distinct reek of alcohol.