Media CAUGHT FAKING Hillary’s Rally Photos. Here’s The TRUTH She DOESN’T Want You To Know

It seems the media will stop at nothing these days to enhance and increase the perception that Hillary Clinton is drawing massive crowds to her rallies. The DNC even had to hire people to fill the seats after everyone left. Looks like that’s happening again, but this time it’s not even real.

The Hill recently posted a tweet of a Clinton rally. Here is their tweet, unedited.

What you may notice is that the picture doesn’t look entirely, well, real. And if your eyes are catching on to that, you are absolutely correct. It’s a photoshopped picture used as their cover shot for the rally. This was spotted by the Conservative Tree House and subsequently debunked by more pictures from around the rally itself.

Here’s a picture from a few hours before the event started:

And right before it started:


Now you can notice a few key differences in the photoshopped pic and the pics from inside the hall. 1) The barriers aren’t in the photoshopped image at all. 2) It’s an entirely different location. So what gives? Why even do this in the first place? Hillary’s recent bump in the polls is the answer. When you have the Liberal media carefully scripting things like this, you get a false positive on the way the country is reacting.

I think America deserves to know the truth about how Hillary is doing. News flash: it’s way worse than you think. Share this and spread the word and expose them all for the lies!

(Source: The Conservative Tree House)