Mayor of Flooded Louisiana City UNLOADED On Obama For Leaving His People To DIE

In the history of burns on Obama, this one might take the cake.

As we all now know President Obama was golfing and having a jolly ol’ time while Louisiana drowned in flood waters. It has been so unbelievably bad that people have been evacuated, relocated, and some lost their lives.

Where was Obama? Where was our leader when millions needed him and the government’s help? That’s right – nowhere to be found.

Now, the people of Louisiana are speaking out about their ordeal. Here’s one woman speaking to Sean Hannity about what has happened to her life and how it’s been destroyed.

Sean Hannity visited Baton Rouge, Louisiana to share the personal stories of communities devastated by historic deadly flooding this month.

He spoke to a woman named Judy Warren whose home was ravaged and who had to be rescued by a boat.

“I don’t think Washington gives a hoot about anybody but their pockets,” she said.

Hannity asked if she saw images of President Obama playing golf as the state flooded.

“No, I didn’t because I don’t have a TV!”

She’s lost everything. But the most telling and epic slam of this entire ordeal comes from the Mayor of Central City, Louisiana, J.R. Shelton. He also spoke to Hannity about this condition of the town and what they’re doing to rectify the situation.


The Iran ransom payment AND Obama’s failure to lead in one shot? You sir are my hero of the day. Mayor Shelton is on point here and rightfully called out Obama for this catastrophic miscarriage of justice both on the Iran side and the flood side. This is what Americans have to do now. They cannot rely on their own President and have to take matters into their own hands. That’s sickening.

Obama still isn’t there, he’s slated to go at some point, but it’s worth noting that Trump was down there a week ahead of Obama, and wasn’t golfing either. That’s telling.

(Sources: Fox News and Facebook)