Maxine Waters Is So Dumb She Doesn’t Know What “Lying Hypocrite” Means

Our dear friend, Maxine Waters, has stumbled into the spotlight once again, no doubt unintentionally. This time, it’s Mrs. Waters’ integrity that is on the line (shocking, I know) in the way of money management. Despite Waters vocal objections to President Trump employing his daughter, Waters seems to have done just the same thing.

Via Conservative Tribune:

According to The Washington Free Beacon, Waters’ daughter, Karen Waters, has collected nearly $650,000 from her mother’s semi-annual reelection campaign since 2006, and is scheduled to receive another $108,952.18 from the campaign for her work in 2016.

The news of that outstanding balance owed to Karen Waters was revealed on page 24 of a 25-page filing with the Federal Election Commission by Citizens for Waters, the congresswoman’s federal campaign committee, on which Karen plays an integral role as head of the “slate mailer” operation.

The Free Beacon explained that the “slate mailer” operation essentially constituted the selling of Rep. Waters’ endorsement for fellow Democrat candidates in exchange for direct or in-kind contributions to Waters’ committee.

The endorsed candidates would then appear on a sort of sample ballot brochure that was mailed out to Waters’ Los Angeles-area constituents as a way to encourage those supporters of Waters to also vote for the other candidates that she had endorsed.

That seems fair. Funneling three-quarters of a million donation dollars to your daughter so that she can work on your campaign. No chance of favoritism there.

Despite all of this, there are still those who think that she should be President in 2020!

If that doesn’t scare you for the future of politics in America, I don’t know what can. People are somehow, still taking this woman seriously, and even thinking she should lead the nation. I guess we should count our blessings that they intend to support someone who is so obviously defeatable, but it’s still saddening to think that people can be this misguided.

Time will tell if Waters will ever be called on her political inconsistencies by the democrats, but for now, she’ll just keep digging herself into a hole, and we’ll keep laughing at her for it.

(Source: Conservative Tribune)