Maxine Waters Gets Called Out On Live TV For Talking Out Of Her Ass

She’s at it again folks. Maxine Waters continues to dig herself deeper into a hole filled with idiocy that she seemingly cannot get out of. And to think, this is who the Democrats are touting as a potential 2020 election candidate.

But not all of the left is immune and on board with her insane ramblings. Waters was just on MSNBC to chat with host Chris Hayes about Rep. Jason Chaffetz.

What they specifically spoke about was Waters’ speculation that Chaffetz wasn’t seeking re-election because of “illicit ties to Russia.” Waters being Waters, said this without a shred of evidence to prove this to be true. Hayes then let her have it.

Hayes tried to interject several times as Waters pivoted to another theory that Chaffetz might try to throw Flynn under the bus to distract away from his own connections with the Kremlin.

“I don’t know, but we need to keep an eye on him,” Waters said, after presenting her theories.

” I should say, Congresswoman, I have not seen any evidence produced of that,” Hayes said. “I’ve heard that speculation also, but we’ll look for the evidence.”

He then ended the interview.

Good! As he should have. Hayes didn’t really have time to argue with the congresswoman because, it seemed to me, that her accusations bordered on the absurd and Hayes didn’t believe a word she said. This is how the left operates and continues to operate. Guilty until proven innocent seems to be their mantra. It’s the worst way to go about politics.

h/t: Free Beacon