Marco Rubio Schooled This Clueless CNN Host On His Own Show. This Is Just Too Good.

In the effort to further with their campaign to smear the President, CNN interviewed Senator Marco Rubio to talk to him about the Russia investigation in conjunction with President Trump. Rubio, though he’s been very clear that he has confidence in the President, is obviously over this media driven “witch hunt” and made that clear to CNN’s Jake Tapper.

Via Daily Caller:

Sen. Marco Rubio had to remind Jake Tapper on Sunday that the numerous news reports about President Trump are unverified.

Tapper, host of CNN’s “State of the Union,” asked the Republican senator from Florida if Trump may have obstructed justice.

Rubio was not impressed by Tapper’s evidence: a pile of news reports from anonymous or indirect sources.

Evidence. That’s a step that the left and the mainstream media like to step right over whenever possible. These allegations are stern, but also extremely easy to fabricate. The President’s connection with a nation like Russia should always be an issue of consideration. As should political hits put out on our Commander in Chief.

The cream is eventually going to rise, and while I think I know how it will end, there’s no doubt that some people should get into legal trouble over this. If it turns out that the left and liberal media are making all of this up because their feelings are hurt, heads certainly need to roll. Perhaps we should let the left decide what the punishment should be for whoever is responsible for all of this panic and hysteria. And if it turns out to be the press instead of the President then so be it, but there has got to be some consequences for this level allegation.

(Source: Daily Caller)