Marco Rubio ADMITS That He Supports Obama! Watch Before It’s Taken Down!

Here’s something the GOP might like to know come nomination time.

Marco Rubio has been gaining ground recently with his mastery of the debate.

A video of Rubio has surfaced of Rubio speaking with Jorge Ramos of Univision (the same guy that Trump had thrown out of his press conference for being disruptive and generally rude) and promising to keep executive amnesty for more than 4 million undocumented, illegal immigrants. Meaning, Rubio would continue to keep the borders open and the illegals here per Obama’s orders!

Watch the interview below.

Now, I love Trump and he has my vote, but I used to be a Rubio fan and if he somehow got the nomination, I would have been fine with it. Not anymore! Marco Rubio must go!

(Source: YouTube)