Man Who Sold Guns To Las Vegas Shooter Suddenly Speaks Out – ‘The Last Person To…’

Stephen Paddock’s Las Vegas rampage resulted in hundreds of direct victims. Untold lives will be forever changed by the horrific events, and not just those that were attending the concert. The list of victims is a mile long once families and friends are considered.

Amongst those victims are those who sold the weapons to the killer. They did nothing wrong, simply followed protocol, but the Left is sure to guilt them and make it seem like they should have prevented the sales despite the clean background checks.

As reported at the New York Post, one gun store worker who sold weapons to Paddock has spoken out on the issue, saying while he feels no guilt or complicity in the massacre, he does feel sick to his stomach over it.

We do everything right … We can’t control what someone does once they leave this store,” Guns & Guitars general manager Christopher Sullivan told CBS News. 

It made me physically ill to think that we had interacted with him and he had committed such a tragedy.”

Paddock, who killed 59 and wounded hundreds more Sunday night, was a longtime customer of the Mesquite store, Sullivan said.

I may have very well been the last person to shake hands with that man,” Sullivan told CBS. He bought five guns over the past year, including a rifle on Thursday last week–the same day he checked into the hotel.

While liberals think it’s crazy that a person can walk into a store and buy a gun, it’s interesting that the same view and logic they apply to guns isn’t used for say…alcohol. Like guns, booze can be abused by its purchaser, but little hay is made over its misuse.

This, despite the fact that far more lives are lost and negatively affected by alcohol abuse in America. Drunk drivers are a constant threat, yet we don’t ban alcohol because someone will illegally drive when intoxicated. Yet when it comes to guns, laws against their abuse isn’t enough, they have to be taken away from us. The logic is inconsistent and fallacious.

It’s a power grab, plain and simple. They can’t stand to know that sovereign citizens have the means to protect themselves, as they want the government to be in charge of that and have a monopoly on weapons. But history tells us happens when the government is the sole owner of weaponry and when the people hand over their right to self-defense.

Source: New York Post