Mainstream Media Finally Admits Steve Bannon Is Right – ‘Important Milestone…’

Steve Bannon is the bogeyman of 2017, the feared political monster terrorizing both Democrats and Republicans. However, now that he’s been chased out of the White House, mainstream media outlets have been forced to admit his value.

The Trump administration achieved a major victory last Thursday. The Senate passed a budget proposal that will allow Republicans to implement that their controversial tax plan. Conservatives have been bickering amongst themselves since before President Trump took office.

“This is another important milestone for tax reform,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters.

What changed? Steve Bannon. Bannon’s popularity hasn’t diminished since he’s been kicked out of Washington. He’s been quietly gathering his forces for a long time.

TIME’s Philip Elliott writes:

“Spooked at the threat facing incumbents, several big donors had entertained the ideas planted by former Trump strategist Steve Bannon. The Bannon mold of throwing the bums out seemed appealing—and perhaps inevitable had the GOP gone home at the end of the year with nothing to show. Without delivering on the promise to cut taxes, the GOP’s leading lawmakers feared they were handing Bannon ammo as he prepared a slate of rabble-rousing challengers.”

You know times have changed when a mainstream liberal writer is attributing the success of Trump’s agenda to Bannon. Establishment Republicans are in trouble. Barack Obama was the first president to feast on the public’s desire for someone “new”; Trump is continuing the trend.

Bannon is an unstoppable force; ignore him at your peril.

(Source: Breitbart)