‘Mad Dog’ Mattis Just Gave US Army 2-Word Order That’s Shaking Things Up

Stand ready.

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis warned Monday that the military must be prepared for war. North Korea’s aggressions are increasing. President Trump seems to be convinced that armed conflict will be necessary.

Congress, however, isn’t convinced.

“It is right now a diplomatically, economic-sanctions-buttressed effort to try and turn North Korea off of this path,” Mattis said.

War would be ugly, but it’s a relief that our security is in Mattis’ capable hands. He’s won the Army’s respect, and for good reason. His career is speckled with incidents of military bravery.

“What we want to do is be so ready and be very much aware that we fight the way we come, that everybody in the world wants to deal with Secretary Tillerson and the Department of State, not the Department of Defense and the United States Army,” Mattis continued.

“There is one thing the U.S. Army can do, and that is you have to be ready to ensure we have military options that our president can deploy if needed.”

Tillerson’s negotiations with Pyongyang are ongoing, but we’re approaching the point where diplomacy will have to be forgotten. If Kim Jong Un fires a missile at Seoul it could set off WWIII.

Stand ready soldiers.

(Source: Army Times)