Lying Hypocrite Elizabeth Warren Calls Barack Obama A Lying Hypocrite

I don’t think it would be any great surprise to conservatives if they heard that our former President Barack Obama was a hypocrite. It is, however, a surprise when someone from his own worshipful party calls him one.

While she didn’t say it in so many words, that’s the drift we’re getting from Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Her disdain is spawned by Obama’s speech to Wall Street that it supposed to make him a tidy 400k dollars.

Via ABC News:

Elizabeth Warren isn’t too keen about former President Barack Obama’s $400,000 fee to address a Wall Street conference on healthcare this fall.

“I was troubled by that,” the Massachusetts senator said Thursday during an interview with the SiriusXM show “Alter Family Politics” on Radio Andy.

She then proceeded to discuss her disdain for “the influence of money” in the nation’s capital.

“One of the things I talk about in the book [“This Fight is Our Fight”] is the influence of money,” she said. “I describe it as a snake that slithers through Washington. And that it shows up in so many different ways here in Washington. People understand the money that goes into campaign contributions. And when I say ‘understand.’ I don’t mean they think it’s okay, but at least people see it. The money that goes into hiring lobbyists, but it’s also the money that goes into bought-and-paid-for experts, the money that goes into think tanks that have these shadowy funders.”

ABC News confirmed Obama’s six-figure speaking fee for the Wall Street conference with his office. It was first reported by Fox Business.

I don’t think there’s a conservative alive who is familiar with her record that would disagree that she is, indeed, troubled. The perplexing thing is why this makes her vocalize that. According to CNN Money, Warren herself is worth between 5 and 10 million dollars. AOL Money has Obama’s net worth pegged to be about 12 million. Both of these two are big proponents of a socialist approach to healthcare, money, and politics, so what is the problem? Is it jealousy? Is it her keeping up appearances for voters?

Regardless, if even someone as left as Warren can see that your fees are out of line, you might want to reevaluate. This is really just more proof that their version of socialism is less about spreading the money out and more about collecting it. The plan seems to be “just let us control the money, don’t worry we’ll take care of you.”

Talk about the fox guarding the hen house.

(Source: ABC News)