Louisiana Just KNOCKED Black Lives Matter The Hell OUT

This is a MASSIVE win for justice in the face of the racist and militant group Black lives Matter.

As attacks on police in this country increase, people have been looking to lawmakers to defend them. The police as there to defend us and if they’re being attacked in cold blood then who will defend them? Looks like state laws will now and in Louisiana a bill called the “Blue Lives Matter Bill” was just enacted. And what it means for police officers in Louisiana, as well as across the country, is invaluable.

Black Lives Matter is DONE!

“Coming from a family of law enforcement officers, I have great respect for the work that they do and the risks they take to ensure our safety,” CNN reports Edwards said after signing the bill. “They deserve every protection that we can give them.”

The bill, Act 184, is also called the Blue Lives Matter bill.

For the entire bill, click here. 

The bill was passed weeks before three officers were killed and three others were injured in an attack on a Baton Rouge highway. An ex-marine ambushed the officers after reportedly spending days planning his attack.

The Baton Rouge ambush followed on the heels of the Dallas, Texas, attack on officers, both cases involving skilled gunmen and multiple casualties.

CNN reports that under the new law, if a defendant is convicted of a hate crime, they could face additional penalties, more time in prison and fines.

This win should start more of these bills coming into law all across the US. We need this to be law in every single state because the people that are attacking our police, no matter the color of their skin, are the scum of the earth and deserve to be behind bars for life.

After all the hatred and murders of police in Louisiana and Texas, we are incredibly happy to see that after we’ve all shown our support for so long, someone is finally hearing us and fighting back against BLM and their racist, anti-cop agenda!


(Source: Fox 8)