Loretta Lynch Tried To Protect Hillary But The FBI Told Her To Back The Hell Up

If anything we’re getting out of this new FBI investigation into the Hillary Clinton emails, it seems like the FBI itself has finally grown a backbone.

When the news came to light on Friday, all hell broke loose. Immediately Hillary Clinton went on TV to nip this in the bud, only to come off looking foolish when she spoke and took questions, combined, for less than 5 minutes. Poor showing. Then, yesterday, we got word that Attorney General, and Hillary/Obama poster child, Loretta Lynch was attempting to block the news and next round of investigations.

Turns out that she just got a big time “NO” from the FBI itself, and Lynch was questioned on her role in the now infamous Iran ransom payment, to which the Attorney General, plead the fifth:

This isn’t doing her girl Hillary any favors, as the entire Clinton campaign crumbles before our very eyes.


The FBI now has a warrant to read the thousands of emails from Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s most trusted aide, discovered on Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

Law enforcement officials confirmed that investigators gained permission to start trawling through the 650,000 emails discovered on the laptop on Sunday evening, NBC reported.

Feds seized the laptop belonging to Weiner, Abedin’s disgraced husband, in September after DailyMail.com exposed his sexting of a 15-year-old girl.

What this essentially means that although Lynch did her damndest to stop the warrant from happening, but the FBI pushed it through, heeding the call of every American who is tired of the corruption in Washington.

The newly reopened investigation will take time due to the sheer volume of emails to be read, the Wall Street Journal reported.

It will likely take agents until well past the election to assess how many, if any, contain classified information – leaving Clinton with the prospect of facing an ongoing investigation even if she is elected president.

The Democratic candidate already shows signs of slipping in the polls after a ABC News/Washington Post tracker poll revealed Trump was just one point behind – that’s an 11 point change since last week.

Two weeks before the election, you’re seeing the unraveling of Hillary Clinton, and only one person saw this coming: Donald Trump.

This is the end of her campaign, and sharing this story will make it happen all that much sooner. Let’s do it.

(Source: Daily Mail)