Look: While NFL Players Kneel, Here’s What Mainstream TV REFUSED To Show You

The NFL player protest against President Trump and our supposedly racist and violent police force is all anyone can talk about these days. It’s become a defining issue, one that’s pitting athletes and fans against each other and making it more difficult than ever to enjoy the game of football.

Unsurprisingly, the liberal media’s primary focus has been on the players taking a knee and all those that support them. But lost in all the coverage is the fact that many players aren’t participating in the protest, and even more importantly, that a huge number of fans are outraged by the stunt and the NFL’s response to it.

As reported by Sporting News, while it’s not normal for networks to televise the national anthem for NFL games, that policy’s gone out the window. They’ve been taking advantage of the national outrage and placing a deluge of cameras all over the field to capture every angle of the protests.

But one angle that’s often missing is the crowd. There are plenty of folks that are either neutral or in support of the players, but what the networks are trying to keep under wraps is the outrage they’re facing from fed-up fans.

This past Sunday, it was obvious that crowd shots were being avoided, and several camera operators confirmed that they were ordered to avoid crowd shots that showed fans counter-protesting the players and the NFL for its handling of the situation.

That’s because jeers and boos were ringing out across the league in response to the league-wide player protest. While they may not have televised the anger emanating from fans, their cameras and mics still picked up plenty of evidence of their displeasure.

A portion of Patriots fans in Foxborough, Mass., practically booed their own players off the field when some Pats sat or kneeled, with some screaming, “Stand up!” Boos were also rained down on the players at the Dallas Cowboys game, which the president pointed out in a tweet.

As usual, however, the networks’ decision to dishonestly cover the pregame protests is meant to manipulate public opinion and influence viewers to buy into the liberal narrative on the issue. It’s propaganda, plain and simple.
Even so, many Americans aren’t foolish enough to buy into the media’s one-sided, biased coverage. The average Joe is fed up with the rampant politicization of everything in America, and just wants to watch his sports in peace–not be lectured about how horrible his views are.

Source: Sporting News