London’s Muslim Mayor Gets Grilled On Live TV About Why He Is Doing Nothing About Islamic Terrorism

The recent terror attacks in London and Manchester have many people asking questions that are hard for some politicians to answer. The low-tech nature of these attacks makes it seem like something that could happen anytime, anywhere and without a whole lot of planning or chatter.

So, many wonder, what does the (Muslim) mayor of London propose we do when all a terrorist needs to cause international fear is a drivers license.

Via Young Cons:

Piers Morgan and his cohost interviewed the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, on “Good Morning Britain” today.

They asked Khan what was being done about the jihadis who fought in Syria and why are they being let back into the country?

According to them, there are about 400 in country and Khan estimated 200 of those came back to London.

His responses to their questions are just unbelievable.

In the past, we’ve depended on our law enforcement and government agencies to do what government and law enforcement does, and detect when an attack was coming so that it could be prevented, and they’ve done plenty of it. However, terrorists using knives and vans could cause even more panic than a highly coordinated attack, because that means all someone has to do to go on a killing spree is get in a van or find a nice kitchen knife.

It’s becoming more and more apparent that the problem with terrorism isn’t going to be solved unless people realize that it’s an ideological problem, and no amount of preferential treatment or love extended is going to do away with years and years of brainwashing. And yes, there will probably have to be some profiling going on if we want to keep our streets safe.

It’s either that or risk being mowed down every time you want to walk somewhere, so you decide.

(Source: Young Cons)