London Attacker Starred In Documentary About Radical Islam, And Police Did NOTHING

Part of being a good journalist is being a good researcher, and apparently, the guys over at Channel 4 in London are just that. They did a documentary called “Jihadi Next Door” and one of their stars it turns out was very serious about that Jihadi part because he was one of the men who carried out the terrorist attacks late last week.

Here is the documentary:

Once the word got out, people were seriously questioning the system that let someone who has a known commitment to killing walk free.

Why was he let to “walk free”? It seems that the cries of profiling and political correctness have finally won the battle for supremacy over human life. Those in power would rather instruct law enforcement to stand down, and appear tolerant than let them proceed to track down every possible threat and appear as if they’re profiling (also known as using your brain, and believing these people when the promise to kill us).

The media is criticizing President Trump for his hard line and criticism of England over these attacks, but if we’re upset with a Commander in Chief for taking our safety seriously, we should strongly re-evaluate whether we’ve been drinking the liberal kool aid.

Apparently, President Trump would prefer to do his counter-terrorism before there’s a body count, as opposed to after, like England is doing now.

(H/T: Twitchy