Lindsay Lohan Came Out Of Nowhere And Hit Trump-Hating Liberals With The Truth They’ll Never Admit

Stop the presses folks; the unthinkable has happened. America and President Trump finally won over a formerly crazy liberal Hollywood actress! I know, I couldn’t believe it either, but child star and frequent source of news Lindsay Lohan has come out in support of the POTUS (and the rest of his family to boot).

Via NBC4i:

COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Lindsay Lohan is asking the nation to “stop bullying” President Donald Trump.

Loahn made the call on Twitter responding to a user who had shared a Breitbart story.

“THIS IS our president,” Lohan tweeted. “Stop #bullying him & start trusting him. Thank you personally for supporting #THEUSA.”


Lohan also called the president’s family “kind people.”

“As an American, why speak poorly of anyone?” she wrote in another reply on Twitter.

It looks as if the previously troubled youth has found her inner peace. Either that or she’s just finally woken up and realized that undercutting the guy doing the decision making isn’t going to lead to better decisions. I don’t know for sure if Lohan actually agrees with everything the President is doing or not, but even if she doesn’t, she obviously gets that he was elected by the people, for the people and if we don’t get behind him, we’re likely to end up in an epic mess.

Liberals really wanted Lohan to have a problem with President Trump, considering that they’ve brushed shoulders in the past, considering they’re both spotlights super rich kind of people. The left also prides itself in holding onto all of the rich and famous beautiful people, and they seem to take it very personally when one of them starts to use their brains and defects to the side of logic and conservatism. I guess you can’t win them all though, even if you do have all the special effects that money can buy.

Hopefully, she does agree with the President, and she’s seen the conservative light (and while we’re hoping, let’s hope that she’s also off all controlled substances for good), but either way, if the fried brain of a former Muslim supporting actress can understand what’s best for the country, I don’t know what the excuse of the lawyers up on Capital Hill have for themselves.

(Source: NBC4i)