Liberals Want Us To Give HOW MUCH Of Our Tax Dollars To Foreign Countries?

This story right here is why I loathe the liberal media.

Vox is a liberal media site that prides itself on trying to be journalistic in nature, but largely misses the point all of the time. The article in question is one of a Syrian boy drowning and how it’s America’s fault. Which is a bit proposterous considering he didn’t drown anywhere near the U.S. border. But Vox leads us to believe it is our fault. Why? Because we didn’t give enough money.

To grasp the magnitude of the United States’ failure, you first need to grasp the magnitude of the crisis the world is facing. Approximately 4 million Syrian refugees have fled that country’s years-long civil war, which means that Syrians make up nearly 25 percent of the world’s total refugee population. The vast majority of them are in the Middle East and Turkey, with Turkey alone hosting 1.6 million people.

These camps are the first line of global, Western, and American failure. This summer, the European Union, United States, and Kuwait respectively pledged $1.2 billion, $507 million, and $500 million for aid to refugees. That’s good, but it’s still far short of the $5.5 billion in aid that the UN says is needed for these refugees, as well as another $2.9 billion for displaced Syrians within Syria. As a result, the camps are often crowded and undersupplied, which leaves the people who live in them cold, hungry, and subject to the ravages of disease.

So apparently, because we didn’t give enough money, this boy died. Which is a ludicrous claim. We gave over $500million in aid for these refugees. That is a considerable amount of money. Where exactly is that money going? Who knows, but I’m sure 100% of it isn’t going to relief efforts. But it doens’t end there, Vox goes on to say that we haven’t taken on enough refugees within our country.

The German government expects 800,000 people to seek asylum there this year, and hundreds of thousands more are expected to seek asylum in other European countries. The United States, by contrast, has resettled 1,434 Syrian refugees over the four years since the conflict began.

Oh let’s just leave out the fact that it would cost hundreds of millions more to relocate 800,000 people from Syria to the U.S. Germany is not close, but there isn’t an ocean separating them from Syria.

Vox, once again you, and the liberal media, miss the point completely. Given our crippling debt, that China owns the majority of, I think $500million is more than enough in aid for refugees that aren’t even coming in to our country. Maybe we should focus inward and tell the Obama administration to stop it’s frivolous spending? Shall we?