Liberals Trying To Explain Why America Needs Sharia Law Is The Dumbest Thing I’ve Ever Seen

Protesting is trendy. For some inexplicable reason so is being an Islam-apologist. So it’s not surprising that the country’s multiple anti-Sharia protests were invaded by liberal counter-protesters. Red-blooded Americans took to the streets to demonstrate their love of Islamic fascism. Is it just me, or are the Democrats becoming more and more ludicrous every year?

In a hilarious clip posted to YouTube, liberals attending an anti anti-sharia law protest were asked to explain themselves. And they failed. Miserably. They blathered on and on about how great the country would be if all the refugees and migrants on the planet could come here and mumbled a few words about Sharia. Apparently, it’s not that bad.

Unless of course, you care about human rights, in which case Islam’s treatment of anyone who isn’t a healthy adult male who believes in Mohammad is abysmal.

“If they’re against sharia, are you against feeding the poor? Are you against being friendly, showing love? Because essentially that is Sharia,” Asma Elhuni, of the Georgia chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, told NPR.

Sharia law also demands the death of anyone who isn’t Muslim, orders women to sublimate their desires and become totally obedient to men, and forces men to devote their lives to spreading vicious dogma. Sharia is as much about love as it is about particle physics, which is to say not at all.

“It’s like the Ten Commandments for Muslims. It’s nothing to be enforced upon anyone. It’s a moral code that I follow for myself as an individual,” Muslim youth leader Mansoor Shams explained to reporters earlier this year.

Mohammad’s followers seek to impose their view of the world on everyone they encounter. Real Sharia law, like what’s practiced by ISIS, is hardly moral. Or does Shams and his ilk support torturing and killing innocent people? Because that’s what ISIS aims to do every day. That’s Sharia law.

(Source: NPR)