Liberals Tried To Heckle This Conservative Comic And Get Away With It. WRONG! HA HA!

This is easily the best thing I’ve seen in the last few months.

Liberals and social justice idiots cannot stop trying to force their ideologies down our throats. Safe spaces, political correctness, and phobias (both Islamic and trans) are becoming the cultural norms now. It’s turning us all into wusses and the Liberal mindset is infesting young minds and permeating this country. Luckily, we have people on the Republican and Conservative side that help to balance out this nonsense.

Comedian Steven Crowder is one of these people. He’s not only hilarious, but also incredibly smart. He recently attended a UMASS seminar where he and several other Conservative personalities were going to have a round table discussion in front of a packed house. Suddenly, and not surprisingly, Liberals in the front row started to heckle the personalities. Crowder was then called upon to make his opening remarks. What’s that old phrase? Never heckle a comedian. That’s the one.

Watch below as these Liberals get absolutely DESTROYED by Crowder. This is EPIC.

GOOD! Put them in their place! Share this everywhere. Liberals need to hear this and Conservatives need to share this. It’s the only way we’ll get through to them.

(Source: YouTube)