Liberals Told Her “Black Lives Matter”. She Shut Them Up On The Spot

This entire black lives matter revolution is coming to a head. Police are being fined, guns are being taken away, and people are generally backing off of talking about it anymore to avoid the issue. Well one woman is speaking out.

Peggy Hubbard, a black mom from St. Louis, has gone on record in a viral You Tube video and absolutely slams the entire movement. Watch below as she dismantles everything.

(Source: YouTube)

This is particularly interesting since she is a black woman from a place where so much of this is stemming from; St. Louis. Well she went on CNN recently and silenced all her critics with just two words: Bite Me. Here’s the full interview.

(Source: YouTube)

Epic! Good for her. We need more women, and men, like this to come forward and show what is totally backward and wrong about the black lives matter movement. All lives matter!