Liberals Say “Republicans Are Racist!” And Get KNOCKED OUT Instantly!

Democrats are a special breed of stupid, and here’s some more proof.

Liberals, democrats – whatever you call ’em – like Al Sharpton, Bernie Sanders, and Hillary Clinton, preach over and over and over that the GOP has no diversity and if it could be all white, it would be.

Race baiting liberals will now be biting their tongues as we now know that the GOP isn’t just a men’s club at a golf course. Not even close.

This tweet perfectly sums it up:


That’s right. The so-called “white establishment” in an overwhelmingly white electorate, not only gave votes to Ben Carson, but to Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. That’s 3 minorities, while the only people Democrats have to root for are old white people that perfectly represent the big government establishment.

Democrat logic – 0, GOP diversity – 1.

(Source: Twitter)