Liberals Say “Keep God Out Of Our Schools, Teach Them ISLAM Instead!” WHAT??!!

This is making my blood boil to no end today. The liberals tried to take God out of the pledge of allegiance, but they’ll allow our kids to chant muslim prayers in school? Is this real life?

I cannot fathom the stupidity that lead to this one, folks. A teacher, once again, has gone completely insane. In a geography class in Virginia, schools were closed Friday due to an crazy amount of phone calls by concerned parents. It wasn’t over anything normal like snow or teacher conferences. Nope it was about a teacher showing kids how to write Arabic and it was a muslim prayer.

How can this be allowed in our schools!? I mean, we aren’t allowed to say God, but this is allowed? I really just don’t get it anymore. Have we become so complacent to the liberal and politically correct mindset that we just allow this to happen? When I do have kids, I’ll be home schooling them because this path we are taking currently troubles me more than anything I’ve ever seen.

(Source: Washington Post)