Liberals Said “There’s No Way Trump Will Win!” This New Poll Says Otherwise. YES!

The writing is one the wall folks. It’s only a matter of time until he’s the Republican candidate for president.

Trump once again hit a home run during last week’s debate.

And now we have some stats to back that up! NBC News/Survey Monkey release their poll statistics over the weekend and it shoed Trump, once again, took the crown of the people’s choice.


In a survey of Republicans and Republican-leaning independent voters, Trump and Carson both earned 26 percent, while Cruz took 10 percent. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio followed with 9 percent, trailed by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (5 percent), Carly Fiorina (4 percent) and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul (all at 2 percent).

You can view the entire poll, right here.

While other caididates are pulling closer, this doesn’t mean that Trump is losing ground. Other candidates have dropped out and, more than likely, are having those votes go to Carson, Cruz, and Rubio. However, it looks like those are the top 4 and we will have a great candidate no matter what. But my vote is still for Trump!

(Source: Politico)