Liberals Said “No One Wants To See Trump!” Well, That Sure Backfired, Didn’t It?!

Fox News had an incredible year in ratings. They laid claim to the #2 most watched cable network over all cable networks, not just news networks.

Why was this? Was it because they had the most breaking news? Was it because they were first on the scene for the horrific mass shootings this year under Obama’s regime? Was it because they had really good programming and primetime shows? Partially, but it’s really due to Trump!

Here are the yearly ratings for Fox and other cable networks.

As you can see, there isn’t even one liberal news outlet in the top 10. Awesome! Trump was no doubt a help to Fox News as their coverage of him has skyrocketed ratings. Every debate Trump has been in has gained over 10 million viewers!

This just goes to show how powerful Trump’s pull really is. Trump, keep spreading the word and keep pushing! Trump 2016!

(Source: TV Newser)