Liberals Prove That They “Hate” Trump Because They’re Confused Losers…HA HA!

It’s easy to get people riled up about something they think they care about, especially if you’re willing to bend the truth a little to fit your narrative. Since the liberals pretty much just have one overarching goal at the moment (to make President Trump look bad) they’re focusing all of their energy on convincing people that he’s evil, and in some cases, it’s working.

Appealing to the compassion of younger audience affords them to pass off lies and at best half truths without having to deal with people who have the experience to spot those lies. Fox News’ Jessie Watters asked some pretty basic questions about what this group of young people were protesting a few months back, and he got sadly ill-informed answers.

I guess we shouldn’t be completely disappointed with these results. The fact that these throngs of angry students are only assembling because of a lie means that there’s hope that if the truth ever gets to them, they might side with it.

Conservatives have been so caught up in playing defense, trying to dispel all the lies that the left is cranking out, 24/7 that we’re hampered from actually getting our jobs done. If the left wants to deal in lies, they might get away with it for a while, but it is going to come back to bite them, just like it did Hillary and just like it did CNN.

The problem we have in the mean time is how much damage will be done to our students and to our country if these lies aren’t dealt with soon. Perhaps we should start not letting our children spend four years in an indoctrination station, where they’re fed lies and taught that protesting a cause they know nothing about is more important than showing up for a test. Maybe if people aren’t sent out into the world with a sense of entitlement and desire to fight “the man” we would have a stronger work force and fewer welfare dependents.

If we want to have masses of “adults” who spend their time whining instead of producing something, then carry on. If we want to turn the country around, we need to re-think how our young people are living on our dime.