Liberals Lose Their Minds When Comey Says His Firing Had No Effect On The Trump Investigation

If there could be one central theme put to the questions being asked of James Comey it would be that everybody wants to prove whether or not President Trump did anything wrong or unethical; either in his campaign or when he fired Comey.

The reasoning behind the liberal agenda (if you can call it that) on this one is that the President might have been able to squash the investigation into his and his campaigns’ dealings with Russia (if they existed) when he fired James Comey. However, Comey’s testimony would categorically contradict that.

According to his sworn testimony that can be seen below, no one is irreplaceable and the FBI’s shows (every single one of them) will go on.

This is probably a devastating blow for everyone who thought that this was a self-defense or even vengeance firing. If the investigation needed to be stopped, firing James Comey wouldn’t be the way to do it. It’s more likely that the President was privy to information that we are not (as sometimes happens with someone with the highest security clearance possible) and that the firing was due to that, and the improper execution of his job.

Better luck next time liberals, because according to Comey, he was legally fired and it will have no impact on the current investigations into President Trump or anyone else for that matter.