Liberals Let Idiot Rapper Talk About Politics, He Immediately Screws It Up

When black lives matter protesters interrupted a Sen. Bernie Sanders campaign event a few weeks ago, many people had a problem with how it went down. It was the epitome of a political mess.

Enter liberal news source MSNBC and their infinite wisdom putting a moron rapper on their channel who’s opinion apparently matters to them. Lil B is a horrible rapper that liberals seem to love. I couldn’t really understand why, but then I figured it out: liberals are complete dolts.

Watch below as MSNBC brings journalistic integrity to new lows as they interview this clown directly next to the director of Africana studies at Lehigh University, James Peterson.

(Source: YouTube)

I’m honestly not sure what’s better: the fact that the liberal media thinks this guy’s opinion matters at all, or that they’re actively showing things like this on their news channels. I don’t think I’ll ever understand the liberal mindset.