Liberals Leave Behind A Giant Disgusting Mess After Day 1 Of The DNC

So when you think of a group of Liberals getting together to talk about Democratic politics and why you should vote Democrat, you’d expect them to keep clean right? After all, Democrats constantly talk about the environment and how squeaky clean they are in both politics and with the world. Well if you thought that, you’d be wrong.

The DNC is in a state of disarray. The chair of the convention, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, was disgraced enough to step down and then get immediately hired to run Hillary’s campaign. To make matters worse, Bernie sanders supporters are protesting their own party and now also want Hillary in Prison.

In addition, they are also leaving a disgusting mess all over Philadelphia, especially within the confines of the convention space. Check out below how wretched the Democrats are.

For a party that is supposed to represent the little man and be fighting for our environment, they sure seem to be doing the exact opposite of that these days. The Democrats filth, both literally and figuratively when it comes to their ethics, is deplorable. You know where we didn’t have any problems like this? The RNC.

If you know the Republicans are less filthy in every sense of that word, let’s hear it!

(Source: YouTube)

By Blair Patterson

Blair used to be a devoted Democrat, highly involved in his local and state government. Until one day when he served on a larger, state Democratic campaign and saw the underhanded ways in which they tried to manipulate both the votes and the public. Now, a bastion for the conservative side, Blair wants to bring truth, justice, and the conservative American way to anyone willing to Listen. He lives in Kentucky and is on the board for his town and county planning committee.