Liberals Just Dropped A Bombshell About Donald Trump And I Can’t Be Happier!

For a news source that doesn’t seem to like the Donald, they sure seem to be doing a lot of talking about him.

According to News Busters, CNN is dedicating a whopping 78% of their prime time programming to talking about the most polarizing figure this election. I, of course, don’t mind this at all as I’m a big fan of Trump.

Back on August 23, CNN’s own senior media correspondent Brian Stelter on CNN’s Reliable Sources acknowledged, ‘Trump is the media’s addiction. When he speaks, he is given something no other candidate gets. That’s wall-to-wall coverage here on cable news. He sucks up all the oxygen.’ Yet, even after that admission, CNN continued to elevate Trump far beyond his GOP peers.
Very interesting. And even if they’re saying bad things about him, it doesn’t seem to matter. The people that have to like him are voters, not political pundits, nor his opponents.
To put that in perspective, Trump’s 580 minutes of coverage averages out to more than 25 percent of total programming for the ten days analyzed (after you subtract commercials, each hour-long broadcast takes up roughly 45 minutes).
(Source: News Busters)