Liberals Heads Are Exploding Over What Trump And Sheriff Clarke Just Did. BOOM.

When it comes to expressing their feelings and not keeping things bottled up, we could all take lessons from the Democrats. Especially the ones who either worked for Obama or planned to work for Hillary (and there was a lot of overlap there). These folks are so torn up over someone so nontraditional in the White House that with every new appointment and every new strategy, it’s like a dagger to their hearts. Or, you know, the chest cavity where a heart might be, should they possess one.

But if there’s one thing that upsets them even more than President Trump being in the oval office, it’s having to deal with those crazy order loving officers on the streets. Those dang police that actually try to enforce the laws made by the government and preservie what justice is left in America. No one is more in love with justice than Sheriff David Clarke, and President Trump’s newest move has liberals seeing red over it.

Via Daily Caller:

“Sheriff David Clarke is taking a job as an assistant secretary in the Department of Homeland Security, but a lot of people are not happy about his new gig.

Juliette Kayyem, who used to serve in the same role under President Obama, said she is ‘floored’ and ‘feel[s]’ for her former staff members.”

If you’re “floored” that’s probably just a premonition as to what’s going to happen if Clarke ever has to arrest you for obstruction justice.

(DC) “Black Lives Matter leader Deray McKesson said the hiring makes a ‘mockery of the entire government.’

Clarke, who is a Fox News contributor and Milwaukee County sheriff, has been accused of several scandals and has been heavily criticized for his opposition to the Black Lives Matter movement.”

I guess the black life of Sheriff Clarke doesn’t matter to McKesson as much as all of the other black lives. That’s the funny thing about justice; if it’s truly blind, it can’t see the color of your or these ridiculous tweets. I’d say that’s a win for her.

(Source: Daily Caller)