Liberals Can’t Handle The Fact That Trump Is Actually Helping Hurricane Harvey Victims

Whining liberals are so intent on denigrating the president that they’re willing to politicize anything. Hurricane Harvey is being described as one of the worst natural disasters to ever occur on American soil, yet Democrats are still trying to leverage the tragedy for politcal points.

Trump’s reaction was too muted. Trump’s reaction was too strong. A leading paper even ran a story complaining about the shoes Melania was wearing when the first family landed in Texas. Yet’s that not even the most absurd complaint. No, that honor belongs to those griping about Trump’s praise of Sheriff Joe Clarke.

Trump is being demonized for praising Clarke’s book. On Twitter. In a message that was less than one sentence. Liberals claim that the two seconds Trump or one of his aides spent plugging Clarke’s book should have been spent talking about Harvey’s destruction.

Here are a few of the reactions:

I’m not going to detail every step of the president’s hurricane response because it shouldn’t be necessary. He’s working closely with Texas legislators to ensure the safety of every citizen. He’s spending time on the ground, despite the inherent risks. Even if you choose Twitter as your metric to measure his response the president shines. His account is chock full of messages of concern and support.

But who cares? We live in the era of fake news; media pundits don’t care about truth. They care about ratings. Bashing Trump has proven to be a very profitable strategy for the left.

(Source: The Hill)