Liberals Called Trump “Racist”, Then This Video Came Out And Shut ‘Em Up QUICK!

Oh liberals, how you love to twist the truth to make your own agenda seem less insane.

Over the weekend at a Trump rally, a man was removed for causing a disturbance in the upper decks of the stadium they were in. Initial reports has said that Trump was mocking the man for wearing a turban.

Of course the liberal media pounced all over this and said that he was being racist. Well here’s the video proof that he was talking about Trump hats that state “Make America Great Again.”

Once again, this is just more fuel to show that liberals will strive at the slimiest levels to show Trump in a bad light.

We know better, Trump is ahead in every major poll, pulling ahead in Iowa, and he cannot be stopped. Trump 2016!

(Source: YouTube)