Liberals Are Turning On Michael Moore Because He Said Trump Would WIN!

You’re not going to believe this one! I’m still cheering!

Michael Moore is a far left crazy that preaches the liberal agenda more than 99.9% of Hollywood. He is a radical in every definition of the word. He’s regarded as one of the biggest champions of the liberal midset. Yet he just said Trump would win the GOP nod! He’s losing all his support as we speak!

Donald Trump is absolutely going to be the Republican candidate for president of the United States.

Woa! I did not see that coming! This, of course, comes only a week after Moore stood outside Trump Tower in New York holding a sign saying, “We Are All Muslims” showing his hypocrisy.

81% of the country is either women, people of color, or youth between the ages 18 to 31.

His numbers are high because they are polling Republican voters, or likely Republican voters in the primary. But when they poll him against [Democratic primary candidates] Hillary [Clinton] or Bernie [Sanders], he still does quite well.

So there you go. Even the left is beginning to believe. Even those that lean so far left they’re practically in the Pacific Ocean.

(Source: Business Insider)