Liberal Trump-Hater Michael Moore Admitted On Live TV That Hillary Will LOSE THE ELECTION!

Whenever you’re in a competition, there’s a point when you have to realize which side is winning, and which side has long since lost. In this Presidential race, the competition is fierce, but one side is losing steam, amidst scandals, FBI investigations, and general public distrust – the side of crooked Hillary Clinton.

On Bill Maher’s live HBO show Real Time, ultra-liberal filmmaker Michael Moore sounded off on Trump, repeating the same rhetoric that made him millions on his disingenuous movies, with one caveat: he actually admitted that Trump will win the election, met with boos from the audience.

Moore said reluctantly, “I think Trump is going to win. I’m sorry. People are in denial of this, but the chance of winning is really, really good.”

Maher joined in and said “Yes, we need to say this more often”, as if to remind democrats to go out and vote to get people in office, something that has historically not happened because millennials are too busy playing Pokemon Go or posting selfies of themselves on Snapchat.

I can’t be more happy, because this marks the phase where the democrats score a moral loss, meaning that they become demoralized and stop caring about the election, and realize that their side has an unapologetic crook that doesn’t give a crap about them and wants to actively destroy the country for profit.

Here’s the video. Share this to expose the democrats as the bunch of sore losers they really are.

Aww yeah.