Liberal Teacher TATTOOS Christian Class With Muslim Symbols! WHAT THE ***!?

And you know what the most concerning part about this is? These kids are 7!

How this teach has not been fired yet is beyond belief. A liberal teacher in Texas has gone too far this time. As part of the liberal agenda to make this country completely devoid of it’s own history and to focus on the history of other cultures, schools are now implementing a “Multicultural day” all over. The one at Ed White Elementary School in Seabrook, Texas has a particularly strange way of showing what other cultures are like. What’s that you may ask? Well it’s where teachers tattoo their students with Henna, the Indian body art used in celebrations such as weddings.

The mother of a 7-year-old girl is not happy with her daughter’s school after the young girl was recently sent home with henna tattoos on her hands.

As part of last week’s Multicultural Day at Ed White Elementary School in Seabrook, Tex., students had henna, a traditional Indian body art often used as part of celebrations, applied to their hands. But when Tammy Samour picked her second-grader up after class last week, she wasn’t happy to see the decorations. “I asked what that was, and [my daughter] said, ‘Henna.’ And I said, ‘What is henna?’” Samour told KPRC. “Somebody tattooed my daughter without my permission.”

What I find to be the craziest part of this whole debacle is that no one even asked the parents to sign a permission slip. When I was a kid, you had to get a permission slip for pretty much anything. From field trips to in-school speakers, you weren’t allowed to do anything without your parent’s John Hancock. Now, these liberal teachers do whatever they please because they think they can get away with it. It’s complete BS.

Since researching the practice, she told KHOU she was unhappy to learn henna has ties to Hindu and Muslim faith. “It’s upsetting to go through Christmas with another religion’s celebratory symbolism all over my daughter’s hands,“ she said.

Yup. This has gone too far. I feel like Trump is quite literally the only person in this country that can right this ship and stop the De-Americanizing of the United States.

(Source: Yahoo)