Liberal Teacher “Kills” Trump In Front Of Class, Gets Destroyed By America Instantly. BOOM.

I think this proves once and for all that the liberal lunacy has reached a fever pitch. You cannot make this stuff up folks.

Since Trump’s election to the Oval Office, there have been multiple reports of liberal social justice warriors calling for he assassination of Trump. Today, that sick, disturbing, Nazi-like behavior has reach its pinnacle.

This video shows a female teacher showing her class the inauguration of Donald Trump while she holds and fires a water gun at the screen, playing out his assassination in front of her whole classroom, screaming “Die!” as she does it.

This is the left-wing radical mentality everyone. Watch and see how unhinged they’ve truly become.

What else is in the report? Other school board members, from another school have also called for Trump to receive a “clean head shot” in an effort to truly make America great again.

Not only that, a Secret Service agent has come forward saying that she would not take a bullet for Trump. Thankfully, the teacher in the video firing the water gun has been put on administrative leave.

People, liberals, what the hell is wrong with you? Your political opinions didn’t win this time. Get over it and get some damn perspective. You could be a sex slave in the Middle East or living in the civil war hell-hole that is Aleppo. But no, you live in a country that actually lets you wear vagina costumes to the inauguration of a president.

This is a pretty damn great country that you have tried to turn into a wasteland the last eight years. Guess what? It’s over. You ideology is being rejected across all of the west. Grow up, be an adult, and move on with your lives you unhinged loonies.