Liberal Journalist Calls For Trump Boycott. Gets DESTROYED by Fox News! EPIC! [Watch]

Here we go again. So many Trump haters and they just don’t get that he’s not going anywhere!

The Daily Beast is a liberal news website that bring daily content to the internet on many topics, including politics. It’s spin is pretty left learning, and supposedly this site has “journalistic integrity.” Well not when one of the managing editors goes on a twitter tantrum like a 5- year old child yelling at everyone who supports Trump to boycott his businesses.

A journalist took to Twitter to demand a boycott of Trump’s businesses. And he’s not just some columnist or commentator. He’s the executive editor of the Daily Beast.

Noah Shachtman, a top editor at a news operation, sees no problem with attacking the Republican front-runner and trying to damage his corporate interests. That sounds like something a political activist would do.

So much for journalistic integrity. He calls for boycotting of all Trump businesses and also says that by supporting him, “you are supporting racism & neo-fascism.” Well Mr. Sachtman, you’re wrong and here to tell you why you’re wrong is Fox News’ Howard Kurtz. Watch as Kutrz dismantles Shachtman’s immaturity.

BOOM! We all know Trump is the man for the job. Don’t let the haters get to you! Go Trump go!

(Source: Fox News)