Liberal Reporter Trashed Benghazi Victim’s Mother On LIVE TV. The Reason…OMG!

..And then they wonder why there is no respect for the Liberal media from our side. The slander and venom spewed from their pundits on a daily basis shows why groups like BLM exist in the first place. It shows why there is so much violence at Trump rallies coming from Liberals. They are horrible humans and should be ashamed of what they say on the air.

Chris Matthews should be considered perpetrator number one today as he went off about Benghazi mom, Patricia Smith, as she spoke last night at the RNC. Smith rightfully blamed the entire thing on Hillary as her involvement and lack of urgency factually got 4 men killed. Matthews didn’t see to care about what Smith had to say, nor did he care about her at all when saying “I don’t care what that woman up there has felt.”

Here’s his whole disturbing rant.

You know, the left preaches peace. They preach unity. They even preach tolerance and togetherness. But then you have Leftest radicals like Chris Matthews who spew nothing but hatred and ignorance. It’s no wonder the left has so many problems and a Liar/Murderer as their choice for president.

If this makes you as sick as I am, share this and show America what the left is truly like. Evil and sick.

(Source: YouTube)