Liberal Media Skews Statistics To Make Obama Look Good, Screws Up Royally

The liberal media is at it again.

Salon is a extreme left online publication and it’s attacking the right in an article that I can only describe as delusional. They are saying that the Obama administration has ushered in an economic recovery so good that it can only be compared to the Regan administration as far as how good everything is.

Excuse me while I call BS on that. Here are two graphs they show in the article.

Ah yes those graphs look incredible right?! The blue Obama line totally crushes the Regan line! Not so fast liberal misinformation. This doesn’t take into account inflation or that they’re comparing two completely different economical time periods, nor does it account for the fact that both the Bush and Clinton presidencies in the 90s both had a greater rate of economic expansion and a lower unemployment rate.

Just goes to show that you shouldn’t believe everything the liberal media tells you. It’s more than likely skewed to favor the left.