Liberal Insider Just Blew The Lid Off Of Hillary’s Health Scandal. This Isn’t Going Away…

Hillary Clinton must be a witch. Once again, the slimy Democrat has done the impossible. She’s made herself appear even MORE corrupt since she lost the election. And a new book by former interim DNC chair Donna Brazile isn’t helping matters.

Brazile alleges, among other things, that Clinton’s team and the liberal media worked to together to hide her weak state of health. Coughing fits and sudden falls were attributed to allergies and clumsiness.

Yet, apparently, Democrats were so worried that they began grooming Clinton replacements. It’s not odd that Team Clinton sought to hide her problems, but it is worrying that the media went along with it.

Journalist Michael Goodwin asked in an article for the New York Post: “How is it possible that the leader of the Democratic Party was talking to colleagues about trying to replace its nominee during the general election because of health concerns, and none of the thousands of journalists covering the campaign got wind of it?”

It’s only possible because mainstream media outlets abandoned their principles and became shills for the Clinton campaign. Every single thing Donald Trump said was pored over with a magnifying glass, yet Clinton was granted some privacy.

Clinton might be too sick to be in office. If that’s true, it’s something that voters deserved to know.

The most alarming part of the story is the fact that lying about her health isn’t the worst thing that Clinton did during the campaign.

Goodwin wrote about some of her tricks: “…it’s got lots of other juicy bits, including evidence that the party rigged the primaries to help Clinton beat Sanders and that Clinton possibly broke federal campaign finance laws by scooping money donated by big donors to state parties, far in excess of individual federal limits.”

(Source: New York Post)