When Whoopi Goldberg Said “We Should BAN Guns!” She Gets PUT IN HER PLACE Instantly!

Whoopi Goldberg is a gun owner. She’s also a moron. How she is even allowed on television is beyond my comprehension.

So imagine my surprise when she went on her liberal hell hole of a morning show “The View” to talk to Sen. Rand Paul about guns and she was just flat out wrong. Oh wait, I wasn’t surprised at all.

Here’s the video of the exchange where Goldberg calls for the banning of all automatic guns.

What she didn’t know was, they already are banned, showing that liberals will say and do anything to push their agenda.

Since 1934 Whoopi. You’d think that 80 years would be something that’d come up in research, but that’s something you apparently don’t do.

(Source: YouTube)