Liberal Host STOPS Defending Hillary And RIPS HER APART On LIVE TV! Her Support Went DOWN THE DRAIN!

In what I can only call as flat out bribery, the latest batch of emails has revealed that Hillary Clinton’s foundation has been given tons of cash by donors that then had a say in what the government did.

The emails released showed multiple donors giving tremendous amounts of money to the Clinton Foundation. While Hillary was secretary of state, those donors would then give the money in exchange for influence within Hillary’s sphere of personality in Washington. This batch of emails is easily the largest revelation that puts her as close to insider trading in Washington as you can possibly be.

Some in the Liberal media are souring to her faster than you can say spoiled milk. Take Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough. He’s pretty much done with her.

Morning Joe’s Wednesday panel slammed Hillary Clinton over the latest release of emails linking the Clinton Foundation to work being done at the State Department Wednesday morning, with one saying her campaign had undermined its credibility.

A new release of emails between State Department staff while Clinton served as Secretary of State raised questions about Clinton allowing foundation donors to influence her agency.

MSNBC’s Morning Joe panel slammed Clinton and her State Department staff for the appearance of impropriety. The panel consisted of co-hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough and panelists Mark Halperin, Willie Geist, Ron Fournier, and Mike Barnicle.

“Every administration has friends who use their personal connections to try to get special access,” Halperin said. “What makes this different is when Bill Clinton, when Hillary Clinton took the job as Secretary of State they knew there were issues related to this and they promised that there would not be any inappropriate intermingling between Bill Clinton’s portfolio and hers.”

“This shows clearly they did not stay true to the spirit of that,” Halperin added. “By asking for special access for people who were donors to the foundation.”

And can you blame him? She’s done things like this time and time again and gotten away with it. Now the truth is out and his pissed. So are we.

How can she continue to be a nominee? Her actions are illegal and she has literally zero integrity. She’ll say and do anything she pleases and thinks she’s above the law. That’s what might become our next president.

We owe it to ourselves AND the American people to put Trump in office. If we don’t, we get…gulp…HER.

(Source: Washington Free Beacon)