LeBron James Is A Brainless Liberal Puppet

Baseball is America’s favorite pastime, and I guess for good reason, because it seems there are some NBA players that really aren’t feeling the American spirit lately. This holds true for superstar basketball player LeBron James. James has been a hard core liberal for a long time, and he was none too pleased with the election of President Trump.

He made that abundantly clear when commenting on the Charlottesville riots that took place recently. James decided it would be a good idea to mention the destructive political climate and what he thinks people should do about it.

AP News reports:

SANDUSKY, Ohio (AP) — Along with getting good grades and listening to their parents, LeBron James has encouraged kids in his foundation’s educational program to stand up for their beliefs.

On Tuesday night, the superstar gave a lesson in how it’s done.

Concluding a day of fun and games at an amusement park, James turned serious when speaking about the recent violence and tragedy in Charlottesville. James also took a pointed swipe at President Donald Trump, calling him the “so-called president.”

If you want to know why he’s “so-called” it’s because he was elected to that position. We’re sorry that everyone is so unclear about how that works. If you get a bad grade in your college chemistry class, calling your professor your “so-called professor” isn’t going to change your grade; you’ll still be bad at chemistry. The President is the President, whether you like his actions or not.

Also, it’s a little bit contradictory to be taking shots at politicians who are condemning violence while you’re trying to condemn violence. James was obviously trying to encourage people to avoid taking to the streets and causing mayhem when they’re displeased about something. However, he might have missed the mark a little by reminding people of their bias.

He says the only way to solve this is love and maybe he’s got good intentions, but it’s not just love of people that we need. We need to have love of honor and justice and doing the right thing. That’s what our laws are about, and sadly, if people won’t take pride in doing right on their own, the laws will make them do right. Those who feel abused in some way have got to remember that the laws they fight so hard against are there for the purpose of keeping order.

No matter how many songs they write about it, love isn’t all you need, you also need truth and justice. And if you’re lucky, that will get you the American way.

(Source: AP News)