After Learning The SICK Truth, Chuck Schumer Is Forced To Finally Give It Up

Multiple politicians’ reputations have been sullied by the news that Harvey Weinstein sexually harassed countless women. Sen. Chuck Schumer is the latest Democrat to become involved in the scandal.

Schumer announced Friday that he was donating every cent that Weinstein gave to his campaign.

“Sen. Schumer is donating all of the contributions to several charities supporting women,” Schumer spokesman Matt House wrote in an email.

From Breitbart:

“In total, Weinstein has contributed at least $769,532 to Democratic politicians, PACs, and other organizations…Weinstein was also a significant contributor to former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful 2016 campaign, having donated at least $17,000 to the candidate…”

Schumer isn’t the only Democrat who’s trying to wash his hands of the affair. Multiple senators have adopted the same plan. Campaign money donated by Weinstein will now be given to charity.

He can repudiate the man all he wants now that he’s been outed, but Schumer apparently never had a problem with Weinstein before. The pair have had a friendly relationship for years.

(Source: Breitbart)