Larry The Cable Guy Hilariously Knocks Out Every Trump-Hating Liberal In Five Minutes Flat

There are a lot of things that start off with the best of intentions, to help someone, or encourage something, but when it’s taken too far, the meaning becomes perverted and the mission is lost. Political correctness is a fantastic example of that. I’m sure you’ve at some point met those people that have a complete disregard for others feelings, and even bully others based on some arbitrary standard that nobody even cares about anymore.

This is what political correctness was meant to correct, but it has unfortunately gone too far. Today we can’t even appreciate another culture other than our own without it being “cultural appropriation”. I know the intentions were good, to begin with, but somebody has got to call a halt to this mess.

Here’s a great example of a fairy tale with all the “incorrect” buzz words taken out. Now I know this is done for the purpose of humor, but you can see how it’s a relevant illustration.

Obviously this was for humor, but it kinda makes the story no fun, doesn’t it? Differences are what make us interesting, and taking those away would turn the entire culture into one mindless horde of unending drones. Taking away our references to diversity would take away the incredible benefits of being a culture with a melting pot of backgrounds.

Maybe it’s a grand political agenda, maybe it’s good intentions gone awry, but either way, the results are the same; we’re losing part of what made our country great. It’s a very sad day in America when we can’t tip our hats to our favorite differences in one another without being taken to task for it.

(Source: Youtube)