Kimmel: ‘I Don’t Understand’ Why Middle America Doesn’t Want To Be Lectured On Healthcare

Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel has been trying his hardest lately to curry favor with leftists.

Like his other late-night compatriots, he’s been dedicating much of his show’s time to bashing Trump and going off on conservatives. While that’s par for the course when it comes to television, the thing about Kimmel is that he’s actually deluded enough to buy his own propaganda, which in turn, has left him dumbfounded why nobody wants to listen to his ranting.

As reported at the Daily Caller Kimmel told NBC’s Matt Lauer during a recent interview that he doesn’t understand why people get upset over his healthcare monologues.

Lauer asked Kimmel to discuss some of the “mean” responses he’s gotten from people since wading into political waters and talking about his son’s illness and health care on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Kimmel said he understands that people may disagree with his position on the health care debate, but said he doesn’t get why people are so “angry” with him for speaking out.

I understand people disagreeing with me. I don’t understand being angry when it comes to health care, I really don’t understand that,” Kimmel said, “because I think it’s obvious what my intent is.”

I don’t understand a lot of the backlash,” he continued. “What I especially don’t understand are the monstrous things people will write about, you know, my child and my wife.” I guess Kimmel really is a moron if he doesn’t understand that. The reason people bring up his wife and child is because he uses them as a reason why he’s suddenly become this “concerned citizen” type that feels the need to lecture others about their beliefs.

Kimmel’s child was born with a serious heart defect, something he talks about often. Since his birth, Kimmel has gone on and on about healthcare and how conservatives are so stupid and evil for not wanting the government to provide it for everyone. Like a typical leftist, he intentionally equates not wanting the government involved and having taxpayers subsidize non-taxpayers healthcare as depriving people of it altogether.

Because his child has required a lot of care, he thinks that he’s some moral arbiter on the issue now, despite the fact that he’s a multi-millionaire and his situation when it comes to affording such things is incomparable with the middle America he routinely lectures.

Newsflash Kimmel. Us plebeians in flyover country don’t want to be lectured by a room temperature IQ, massive hypocrite, glorified court jester about major political issues.

Source: Daily Caller