The political revolution continues. Tired-out Democrats are losing voters while fresh-faced conservatives experience astonishing growths in popularity. Recently, yet another Republican celebrity announced his intentions to run for office. And guess what? It looks like he’s going to win.

Senator Kid Rock. Let the idea slowly sink in. Kid Rock is running for Senate in Michigan. Political pundits slammed the idea when it was first announced, but now people are beginning to realize that he has a real chance.

Americans are sick of politics-as-usual. We don’t want another shiny Washington smooth-talker in office, we want a real, everyday man or woman who understands what we’re going through and wants to help.

The Federalist writes:

“It’s hard to overstate the place Kid Rock holds in the consciousness of a certain segment of blue-collar Michigan voters. He is Detroit. He has made his quite lucrative career out of celebrating Michigan in general and Detroit in particular. He embodies the ‘Detroit vs. Everybody’ mentality that defines southeastern Michigan.

His ‘American Bad Ass’ brand is tailor-made to appeal to a state and city that resent the contempt they feel from elitists around the country, while celebrating the overlooked virtues of the city and state. That’s an easy message to sell in a campaign.”

Kid Rock is a household name among Republicans and Democrats. Publicity and fame feed on themselves. The media will give his campaign as much attention as he desires. They’ll hang on to his every word like dogs.

The Democrats’ reign of terror is over; Obama voters are now older and wiser.

(Source: Twitchy, The Federalist)