Kevin Hart Explains Why He Will Never Bash Donald Trump

A good comedian can make anything into a joke, but a great comedian knows that some things shouldn’t be laughed about. Big shot comedian and actor Kevin Hart seems to have fallen into that last category. Whether he’s doing it because it’s the right thing or because he knows it’s good for his career, we’ll take it either way.

Via Breitbart News:

Stand-up comedy superstar and Hollywood A-lister Kevin Hart is willing to crack jokes on just about any topic, except politics.

When you jump into that political realm you’re alienating some of your audience,” Hart said.

“The world today, it’s really not a laughing matter. It’s serious,” he added. “I don’t want to draw attention to things I don’t have nice things to say about.”

…the Hartbeat Productions boss says he wants to become an Oprah Winfrey-like media mogul.

“He’s a legitimate, bankable movie star,” Ron Meyer, vice chairman of NBCUniversal, told Variety. “He’s one of the few stars left that brings people into theaters.”

“He’s going to build companies and invest in companies and do the things that Oprah and LeBron James do, where they don’t just do their craft — they create industries,” added Dave Becky, Hart’s manager.

Humor, laughter and a light-hearted spirit have universally been credited as contributing to better health and wellness. For many conservatives, it’s hard to find a comedian that’s not getting cheap laughs by making fun of conservative policies, and especially our President. While you may not agree with what our Commander in Chief is doing, you can’t deny that it’s important stuff. Thankfully, Hart has discovered that and is keeping his political views to himself.

Making people laugh is a service in and of itself, and I for one, am grateful that some people can do that job without making it a partisan issue.

(Source: Breitbart News)